My Mom's knitting project

My Mom is staying with us this week. She brought along her knitting project: a cream yellow baby afghan. The pattern is nine blocks of different stitches. I'm really impressed with the way it is turning out so I'm thinking that will be a project I will do in the near future. It's so fun planning out my next projects!

Project: blue, fuzzy, and soft sweater

I started a project for myself over the weekend. I'm using yarn that is the softest I've ever felt. The sweater pattern is simple: ribbing, stockinette stitch, a square neckline, and straight arm seams. It should be fun.


New title

So I've finally decided to declare this a knitting blog to track my knitting achievements and trials. However, I will probably mention other goings on just because I want to, and I have the awesome power of saying anything I want. :)

I figured out the picture thing...

Thanks to my friend Melissa for telling me about Picasa and Hello. That was quite easy to post the pictures.

I figured out that it took me a month to knit the baby sweater. I was happy with how it turned out, except I know that next time I will do some kind of reinforced buttonhole stitch. They are kind-of flimsy and I'm not sure they will last long after putting it on and taking it off a baby several times. We shall see. It was fun to finish a project in such a short amount of time.

Finished baby sweater. Posted by Hello

Here's the sweater on a bear model. Posted by Hello

This is another bear model showing a hat I finished awhile ago. Posted by Hello


Baby sweater sleeves

So I started the sleeves this weekend. The pattern says to knit them on regular needles, but I thought I'd try double pointed needles in the round. As a beginning knitter, I wanted to see how that went. So far, so good.

Maybe later I'll figure out the picture thing and post a few photos.