I know, I know. I need to get some Christmas pictures up here. I'll get some posted later this week.

Sam is finally mostly over his chest cold. The humidifier really helps to clear him up.

Over Christmas I started knitting a scarf for myself. I'll post pictures of the work in progress too.


Smiling from the window

Today, after we came home from Dinners Done Right, I set Sam inside and went back to the car to carry in the food boxes. Sam waited for me by the front window which is low enough for him to look through. I came up to the front door, he smiled at me through the blinds, and he looked towards the door to watch it open. I love watching him connect the dots about the world around him.


Fun with Sam

I had fun with Sam last night making him laugh. I stomped and jumped towards him. He is so fun right now!

Ignore the mess in the living room; we had to relocate some stuff because a pipe burst in the bedroom ceiling, and we're having work done to fix it.


Cuddles requested

After I got Sam dressed this morning, I stood him up on the changing table to pull up his pants and tuck in his shirt. He grabbed the collar of my fleece, pulled me towards him and laid his head on my shoulder to cuddle. So sweet!


Are these words?

Today Sam is making sounds like he's saying "Hey, Bubba." I'll try to get a video later today. It's so cute!


12 month doctor visit

Sam saw his pediatrician today. He weighed in at 23 pounds (54%-tile) and was 32 3/4" long (99+%). He's a tall, skinny dude.

We're going to start giving him cow's milk this weekend and other dairy products after that. We're going back and forth about wheat-free and gluten-free because of family history. I'm wheat-free as of Wednesday, but the pediatrician said that if I'm worried about celiac sprue, I should probably go all out and go gluten-free. I hated hearing that. At least Mom left some yummy GF flour here that I can use while I decide what to do. Thanks, Mom.