2 1/2 months

I love this picture! It took awhile to get him to smile, but Papa finally captured it.

He started lifting his head up while on his tummy.


Macy and Sam

I have a cute little story to tell. One of the times I was feeding Sam this weekend, Macy happened to be laying on her blanket next to me. Sam looked over at her, and I said "there's Macy." She started purring, then Sam moved his arm in the capacity he can now by jerking it. He barely touched Macy, and he smiled. It was so sweet to have my two darlings interact and show love towards each other. It made my tear up, as it is now as I'm writing this.


And we start the parties...

So in our family, we have 8 birthdays in the first three months of the year. We went to Candace's party at Chevy's... yummy food and a good time.

I know this one turned out a little fuzzy, but I liked the size comparison.

We're both a little tired from travelling and a long day.


Surf board

Sam holds his body straight when you lift him up. He's like a surf board.

New outfit from Larry & Dianna. So cute!

I think he likes it!

Funny quote

Here's a funny quote about two important things in my life right now: vegetables and school.

Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.
--Mark Twain


Doctor and hanging out

Sam had some tummy time.

Then some time on Dad's tummy.

He saw his doctor again. And the results are:
2 months
25.75", 99%tile
14 lbs 6 oz, 93%tile
17" head, 98%tile
Spur of the moment picture. I chuckle everytime I look at it.


Martin & Marty

Here's Martin (blue) and Marty. Sam's ready for bed.



Daddy burping Sam.

"I think there's still one in there."

Happy in the bouncy chair.

Can't think of better titles than "Just Sam"

Sam hanging out with Dad while he works on the computer.

Happy guy.

Maemae's alligator slippers. They fit really well right now. I was thinking they were too big for him, but they fit great, and they stay on really well too.

In the crib.

More of Sam, of course

All three cousins together in their shirts from Christmas.

Our friends John & Merrilee sent us a package in December, but the post office lost it. The post office called me the other day and said they found it. Sam looks like he's happy they found it. It's a monkey in memory of Heather. I'll post a picture of Martin the Monkey later. (Another monkey he got over Christmas is named Marty.)

Sam and I went for a walk.

This footsie makes my eyes go dizzy with the contrasting blue and red, but I still like it.