Happy Harvest Day

I wish everyone a Happy Harvest Day. Bah humbug on Halloween. I believe costumes and parties should be in the spirit of fun and laughter, not spooky and evil.

Have fun and be safe!


Last warm days

I believe we're having the last warm days before winter. Yesterday we took advantage of the almost 70 degree weather and went for a nice walk. Today is nice and sunny as well.



We went to our first of five birthing naturally classes. It's at the hospital where we will be delivering. The instructor was very nice and good at explaining things, so I think this will be a very worthwhile class. It runs through the 39th week, so we'll see how many we get to attend if the baby comes early. There were nine couples, and I was the first one due, which I kinda liked. We're special! :)


Funny song coincidence

John and I were coming back from some baby shopping last week as the sun was setting. As we turned west onto the highway, the song on the radio was singing "blinded by the light" which was exactly what was happening. It was quite funny.

Now, for some reason, telling the story doesn't sound so funny. I guess you had to be there. I'm hoping John will see this and write his own version on his blog which will hopefully be funnier.



We went to our first school game on Saturday. I told John we had to go to at least one game before I graduated. And it was great that we won!

It was an interesting experience. We found a close parking spot, so we only had to walk across the river which took only about 10 minutes. The other options were riding the shuttle that had limited departure times or a regular bus that was infrequent. This worked out great.

We walked along the path to the stadium and passed lots of interesting people doing interesting things. This is college, remember? The coolest thing was a bike cab that I think was called a pedicab. There were several of them taking couples along the path, but one in particular had strings of lights and was playing music - The Beach Boys, I think.

We planned for it to be cold so we wore hooded sweatshirts and coats and gloves and took a blanket. But the section where we were standing (we stood the whole time because everyone else was standing the whole time) was actually quite warm with all the bodies around and ended up not using the blanket. We didn't get cold until we left during the third quarter and were walking back to the car.

It was very loud in the student section. But of course, right? We were wishing we had earplugs. When we left we bought some really good curly fries and a bottle of water which together cost almost $10. Sticker shock!

Overall we had a good time, but we probably won't go again to the student section. We decided we'd much prefer buying tickets (our student tickets were free) where you can sit down and hold a conversation. The loud and rowdy festivities might be fun for some people, but once is enough for us. We're not 19 anymore!

Oh, by the way, baby had a good time too. (I'm going to refer to her because it was a "she" day. We switch days calling the baby him or her. Don't go getting any big ideas. We still don't know!) She was moving around quite a bit. It was probably the loudest experience she's had so far. I liked the band music, but I wish we were closer to it.

Friday's picture

We've been taking belly progress pictures every Friday. Here's me and baby at 34 weeks and counting.

Career fair

There was an accounting career fair last week. It turned out to be another good experience. I went to a similar one last winter for which I felt so nervous and unprepared. This one I knew I wanted to talk to the three firms I'm applying for.

When I arrived, I wasn't sure how to start. But I figured I would start talking to some other companies to get warmed up. That was great. By the time I got to the three firms on my list, I was comfortable and at ease.

I bought a grey suit a couple weeks ago, and I was so glad it was grey! Almost everyone was wearing black suits. I don't think anyone was wearing navy blue. I'd say about 10% of us were wearing grey.


Good Open House

I went to an Open House last night for a company that I'm applying to for a full time job next fall. It was a really good experience. I talked with quite a few people and felt I had a good connection with them.

The only thing is that I remembered today that I forgot to grab a gift bag on the way out last night. Doh! I hope I didn't miss anything important.


First week back to school

School started up again last week. I'm taking just two classes, so I go to school four days out of the week. John was very supportive and took me or picked me up three times (I believe). One of the times was because I was longing for a nap before an afternoon class but would have had to leave right away to catch the bus. He let me get a nap, then drove me. What a wonderful husband! I really feel blessed to have him as my support person and my best friend!

Classes are fine. I really like the business information systems class. We've learned basic stuff about hardware and software which are things I've been curious about but always thought they were too far over my head to understand anything about them. The textbook takes a simplified look at all that and explains it so it makes sense. The audit class is really slow so far. Hopefully it will get more interesting as the weeks go on.

At BAP, we had a panel of recruiters talk about the recruiting process and accounting jobs in general. It was mostly stuff I'd heard before. But I did find out that I'm not eligible for a summer internship next year because they like interns to have at least one more term to take after the internship. So that means I'll be applying this week to full time jobs for my first year out of college! Ack! This week is also Meet the Firms so that will put me in front of the right people. It's kinda nerve-wracking, especially with not knowing how things will change after the baby is born and if/when we move closer to our families next year. Everything is up in the air. I'm just trying to take it a day at a time. Also, I'm trying to stay organized so my head can stay clear.


Finally, it's raining!

Yeah for the rain! I've missed it this summer. Although, I have to admit it caught me a little off guard. I was enjoying not having to wear jackets and hats and all that.


I couldn't resist

We spent a lovely day at my aunt & uncle's place for their annual Blackberry Pig. This was one of my relative's dog. The picture turned out so cute, although I realize it is a little fuzzy.


I love onion rings! We cooked some while Scott was here helping us work on the hot tub.