An update

Sam's growing up. He's grasping toys and almost giggling. I've been with him a lot since I've been home on Spring Break. I only have three more days, then it's back to school.



Here's Maemae with Sam. She waited a long time to visit and see Sam because of getting sick and other delays. She was very excited to see him!

Sam' lifting his head more now.



Sam noises

Here's Sam right before our scheduled tummy time.


I was evidently tired...

Yesterday, Sam woke up earlier than usual by about an hour. I fed him and went back to bed thinking that John would wake me up at 5:00 to feed Sam (the normal time); I set my alarm for the next feeding time. I woke up with my alarm; John also woke up and said "Aimee, it's time to feed Sam again." I asked him how he knew it was the second time, and he said I told him at 5:00 that I fed him at 4:00. Wow. I so did not remember telling him that! I guess I was tired.



Handmade quilt by Great-great-aunt Betty.

Sound asleep in the bouncer. I like the position of his feet; he looks very comfortable.

Hand-decorated shirt by Grandma B.

Volcano shirt, hand-decorated by Cousin Jeff.