Product of four skeins

Here are the pictures of the front and back of the blue fuzzy sweater.

Fourth skein done!

Last night I finished the fourth skein on my blue sweater. I'm stoked! I have finished the back, and I'm about 3 inches about the starting of the armholes on the front. I will post pictures later today.

It's so fun to see results!


First time to a knitting group

Last week was my first time to a knitting group. And the consensus is: what an awesome idea! I got to knit for several hours, meet new people, and see other knitters' projects. The knitters met in a winery/coffee shop/gallery. They serve very good coffee there! I can't wait to go this week!!

Something funny happened... I was sitting in a draft, and because I'm usually cold I was extra cold in that spot. I was trying to think of something in the car that I could use: a blanket or sweater, etc. Then I remembered I had finished the back of my blue soft sweater, so I pulled it out of my bag and put it around my shoulders. I got to wear my sweater! It was so warm and cuddly that I am really looking forward to finishing it and wearing it whole.


Personality Disorder Test

I don't know if this test is actually serious or not. What do you think? Were you able to answer the questions honestly (another question that should be on the test)?


-- Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Information --


Learning to draw

After seeing the beautiful paintings of the lady at the fair, my interest in drawing and painting was renewed. I've started to learn to draw many times during my life, but I always determined I didn't have any talent. I gave up even though my Mom (a wonderful artist) always insisted that good art comes from practice.

When I saw the artist's paintings at the fair, I remembered what my Mom had taught me and decided I would start drawing again and not care if the product was good or not. I will pursue the enjoyment of the act of drawing.

I borrowed some drawing instruction books from the library, and today I sat down with pencil and paper and started going through the lessons. I had about an hour together alone with my art. I enjoyed myself very much, and I look forward to the next adventure.


County fair

We went to the county fair recently and had a blast. We enjoyed looking at the different quilts and knitted pieces in the craft hall, and found a wonderful painter in the art hall. She does immaculate work, and I bought a matted piece and a greeting card made by her prints. We walked through all the halls of goats, sheep, pigeons, ducks, chickens, and roosters. We saw some horses, too.

We rode a few rides. I liked one called El Nino which went in circles and upside down, but I went by myself because my husband thought he might not enjoy it as much.

Overall we had a good time. There were lots of people so we stood in line for the rides, but the weather was great. Sunny and warm but with a cool breeze.


Macy thought her rhino was dying

I have a funny story today about our cat, Macy. As I was sitting here reading some blogs, I heard Macy's "play with me" meow. She will sometimes meow and waltz into the room carrying a stuffed toy or string in her mouth. Two of her favorite stuffed toys are a catnip-filled flannel square with tassels, and a little rhino (or hippo, not really sure what you would call it). She usually comes in and drops the toy, sits down, and stares at me until I drop everything and throw the toy or dangle the string.

Today was different. I heard her meow, and it started out like usual, but it got quite insistent and then almost urgent, like life-threatening serious. I think, maybe she's trapped in something, or maybe her tail is caught in one of the various fans we have set up. So I run out to the other room and kneel down to where she's sitting looking at the rhino. I told her "I thought you were hurt or dying" and kind of gave her a look of love - "I'm glad you're okay", combined with a look of "don't do that again." But she doesn't look back with remorse for worrying me. Instead she looks between me and the rhino on the floor, and I finally see what she wants me to see - the stuffing was coming out of Rhino's back seam. I believe she was trying to tell me Rhino was dying, and that she couldn't play with a dead toy. The seam had been loose for several months, and I kept saying "maybe I should fix that." Even when my Mom was staying with us she said "maybe Grandma should fix that." Well, today I figured it had gone on long enough, so I told Macy "I will fix Rhino today." I just finished sewing up the seam and showed her the healed toy. She is now laying contently on her shelf in front of the window. Mom saved the day!


Ack! I've been tagged!

So I was sitting here thinking of something to do, and I thought I would catch up on Melissa's blog. Her last blog entry was about how she was "tagged" by someone she knows to answer some questions about books... Before I read her entry I clicked on the guy's name to see what tagging was all about. I had a good time reading his and some other links about the same thing, all the time thinking well probably Melissa won't tag me. And then I read Melissa's and got to the bottom where she tags other people and I glanced through it and didn't see my name. And then... I read more carefully and sure enough, I was tagged. And I thought "No, she didn't."

Anyways, I will take this in fun, just as she did. So here goes.

Number of books I own:
Um, I don't know, and if you'll excuse me I really don't want to count them. Plus, most of them are in our storage unit in Portland. Side note, we're moving all our storage stuff down closer to us next weekend (August 20-21) if anyone wants to volunteer. ;)

Last Book I read:
I've been borrowing books from the library, but besides the craft books, I can't remember the last book I finished. I started reading Don Quixote because it was listed first on a list I found of 100 greatest novels of all time, and I also picked up the history book, The World Since 1500, but like I said I didn't finish either of them. Another book that is on my nightstand is The Eye of the World, the first in the series The Wheel of Time. I started reading this series after high school. It only had 7 books in the series, but now it's up to at least 10 now. I wanted to start the series over, but it's not keeping my attention like it did almost 10 years ago.

Five books that mean a lot to me:
1. The Bible
2. The Vogue Knitting Quick Reference This is the best knitting book.
3, 4 and 5... Well, I guess I don't have that many books that mean a lot to me. But from reading the other tagged bloggers I found a few suggestions that I will pick up from the library and see if I can actually finish reading a book.

Now, if this was on movies, I'd be all over that.

This is the part where I'm supposed to tag five other blogging friends... Sadly, of the blogs I read, I don't know the authors well enough to feel comfortable passing this on to them. The only person I would tag is Melissa, but there's no touch-backs. So the line ends here.