Walked 1.89 miles

We walked a little later tonight. Lots of bugs out.


Walked 2.28 miles

We walked through a new neighborhood. It was a very nice evening for a walk. And John was such a good husband for dragging me out there when I didn't want to go. Yeah!

Birthday party

Here's our family celebrating my birthday. We had an easy dinner of shrimp and pasta. My Mom made a wonderful lemon cake for me.



It's kind of hard to see in these pictures, but I got a haircut. The stylist said she cut off about five inches in the back. I love it! And the good news is I can still get most of it in a ponytail. Very cool.

Fresh new pansies

We added pansies to our front yard. They're doing quite well.

Walked 1.65 miles

I walked with my husband in the rain. Very romantic! I enjoy looking at other people's yards and gardens. I'm actually starting to recognize some plants and trees. Today I noticed lots of dogwood trees and flowering azaleas.


Garden progress

I'm in the process of planting my vegetable garden. I was sick last weekend so I couldn't work outside, so I'm hoping to make some headway today and tomorrow. I will post pictures as soon as I have them.