Funny Tim!

I was asking John if he wanted to include face cleanser in an order, and on the spur of the moment, Tim thought up this funny demonstration of what he thought I said: face plunger.

Tim did it the first time with a straight face, but it took 3 takes to get it on video.

First teddy bear

Sam got his first teddy bear from Auntie Ann, Uncle Wendell, and cousings Tyler & Isaac. His first stuffed animal was from Maemae; it's a giraffe.

I love this picture! I passed it around the family, and they insisted I post it. It's so sweet and adorable. We're naming the bear Hugsy. If anyone is familiar with Friends, they'll know that is the name of Joey's stuffed penguin that Emma claims.

Cute Sam pictures

I really like this last one.
"I don't know what to think, Dad. Mom keeps taking pictures. Am I being cute, or what?"

Christmas Eve dinner

We celebrated Christmas early this year. Christmas Eve was on the 23rd. We had yummy snacks! We got a good picture with all the kids looking at the camera!

Gingerbread cookies

The boys had a fun time making cookies...

... and making a big mess!

Digging out the car

Yesterday John dug out the car. It took about an hour.

One-half done!

Lots of snow!


Another smile

Snowed in

Our car isn't going anywhere today.


First day at Christmas holiday

Sleepy boy.
First documented smile. Look closely. Good picture taking, Auntie Ann!

Another cute smile/smirk.


Friday clothes & walk

Onesie #1.
Onesie #2. We'll see how many other ones we'll change him into today. This one was from Maemae; she loves alphabets. If you can't see it, the letters are in a different color and say I heart U. So cute! Unfortunately, he's outgrowing the 0-3 month size very quickly.

We bundled up John and Sam together for a walk in the snow. Sam's in a front pack, and John zipped up his coat around Sam to keep him toasty.

The walk was very nice. It was cold, but above freezing. The snow was quite slushy and wet. We walked to the post office and mailed our Christmas cards and the baby announcements. Look for yours in the mail very soon!


Cute Daddy pictures

Sam's always pretty happy in Daddy's arms.


First wrapped gift

Sam received his first wrapped baby gift in the mail from Great-uncle Bruce and Great-aunt June.

He'll be very styling soon. He's almost ready to wear these 3-6 month clothes!


Guard cat

Macy watched over me as I took a nap.


Nose to nose

Here's a sweet Daddy holding his son.


Before & after

Here's the last picture before going to the hospital.

And here's the product!


Overwhelming support

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent their congratulations. It's such a blessing to have so many people respond. It has been a wonderful few days and I am looking forward to sharing Sam with everyone as time allows and holidays come near. We look forward to all of you meeting him and getting to know his gentle spirit.


The Longest Day

Samuel Robert
born @ 7:41 pm Dec 1, 2008
10 lbs 4 oz
22 inches long

John and me at the hospital: 7 am. Labor started around 5:30 am. Labor had stalled out by 6pm and we decided that it was time to intervene. So the ceserian was advised and approved.

John, me and Sam right after the c-section. They are still working on me, but Sam is mostly cleaned up and John and I are very proud.

Sam, already showing his star quality and super personality.

My first real look at Sam, who when I saw him, knew he would be Samuel. I had liked the name from when John and I had talked about names and John agreed without hesitation. His middle name is in honor of my dad, Robert.

We still haven't really ended that day since feedings, vital signs, visiting with parents, etc has made for little time to rest and recoup, but as we figure this new adventure out and learn to read Sam's cues, we are finding plenty of support and a comfortable place in which to begin our family.


unexpected process, but happy results

This is John, posting an advance that we will have the baby here shortly, via unexpected c-section. We will try to send out pics and update with full story as soon as possible. Please continue to pray for Aimee and the baby's health and well-being, and for my sanity. Thanks for all your support up to this point. It is great to have family and friends who support us.

At the hospital

After getting to the hospital, we got admitted and the nurse got me on monitoring and changed into the little robe. The Dr came by afer that and found that I was 2cm dialated and 90% effaced; major improvement from Friday's apointment where there was no change.

They checked again a little bit ago and found that I was 3cm now and decided to break my water. That should help progress labor now that the baby's head is free to move down.

We are just waiting for more to happen and walking the halls as I am able. The contractions are getting kinda hard now.

On our way to the hospital

The last hour, I've had contractions about 4-5 minutes apart lasting about a minute. Now we're on our way to the hospital. Yeah!

Good news

I'm having light, short, consistent contractions. We're hanging out at home for the time being.