Ten Things Tuesday

1. I'm proud to report I had a great first day at work today!

2. Can you get carpal tunnel in just one day? I worked on the computer in Excel all day, and my wrist/arm is very sore.

3. I didn't have enough time with Sam tonight. I'll take a shorter lunch tomorrow so I can get home earlier.

4. They have free M&Ms at work. So tempting!

5. Sam signs "more" now by clapping his hands while he's at the table. We'll work with him to sign "eat" or "food" to help us all understand when he wants more and when he's just clapping.

6. We're in the early stages of the three months of family birthdays. And the babies in our playgourp are all turning one too! Lots of parties coming up.

7. I really enjoyed sitting in the sunshine for lunch today.

8. I'm trying to think of something really funny or quippy to say. Not happening tonight.

9. Is it Friday yet?

10. I went to bed early last night. I think I'll do the same tonight.


New activities

Sam's been trying out some new activities. We bought some more duplo blocks on craigslist. He now has over 175 blocks! We built a few towers for him. I'm looking forward to him having fun building his own.

He really likes to sit down and color with these easy to hold crayons.

He asks to be put up in the coloring chair several times a day.

He also brings over a book and hands it to us for us to read it to him. He does this probably a couple dozen times a day. He really likes his books!


Bye-bye gluten free, hello wheat

I decided to go back to gluten. I've been gluten free for a month-and-a-half. I think I don't feel good because of sugar more than because of gluten. So now I'm sugar free, at least processed sugar. I also want to go back on gluten for awhile so that I can be tested later to get it official.

Sam is also starting on gluten. He's going into daycare next week, and it'll be a lot easier for us and them if he can eat regular stuff. I will watch for symptoms in the years to come.

I know we can live healthy lives without gluten now. I had fun trying new recipes. So if it turns out later that we need to go back to gluten free, I'll be okay with that. Maelee, thanks for being such a great support. I really appreciate your input. Dianna, you too. Oh, and Mom, of course. :)


Ten Things Tuesday

I really enjoy reading my cousin's weekly post about the things that are happening right then and there. Her sister does it, and so does my Mom. I like that it encourages consistent blogging. So I'm going to do it too. :)

1. I forgot to take Sam to the new library time today. The baby time is on Fridays, and he has graduated to the toddler time. But I'm having a hard time adjusting to the new day.

2. I wonder if I can think of things to say that aren't about Sam.

3. It's John's birthday this week. Stop by his blog and say Happy Birthday!

4. When I sit down to nurse Sam, I look longingly at my bag of knitting. I started a purple scarf that I really want to finish. I love the yarn so much that I got a bunch of different colors to make similar scarves.

5. Julia's right. This is harder than it looks, and it takes quite a bit of time, too.

6. I made my pot of coffee today at the same time as yesterday: 10:15. Yeah for a consistent schedule.

7. I'm studying for the regulation test. Today's topic is accountant liability. So boring!

8. I'm excited we're having a play date here this week. I had such a fun time hosting when I did it last time, which was in October.

9. I have some items to post on Craigslist, but I keep putting it off because I'm nervous about the process and the prospect that I might meet some weirdo(s).

10. My first gluten free homemade bread that I made yesterday didn't turn out very pretty, but it sure does taste good. It's a yogurt bread with cinnamon and walnuts.


Back to the grind

Today, I'm back to studying for the next test. I took a week off after taking my first test. It was so nice to relax and just hang out with my family.

Wait, I need to go study. Doh! Just a quick post today.



John reading to Sam and cousin Isaac.


Delayed for a good reason (excuse)

I know I said that I would post some pictures and video. Well, I've been busy studying for my first CPA exam tomorrow. After I shake off the post-test geebies, I'll get around to posting some cute pictures. :)