Yum - green stuff

We're finally getting produce from our garden! We've had lettuce, spinach, green and purple beans, zucchini and two cherry tomatoes. Everything's so tasty!

Look at all these future zucchini!


New kitchen light

This was our project for the weekend. And I have to say it was the speediest project ever! Our old light was cracked. Our new one is not only whole and pretty and clean, it's a lot brighter. And I mean a lot. It's like having the sun in our kitchen!


Aren't they cute?

These are my Mom's two cats. They goofy guy on top is Google. The sleek huntress on the bottom is Yahoo. She named the cats to get Dad to let her have them. She knew he would like the techie names.


It's going to take over the whole garden

At least it looks that way. I can hardly believe the zucchini is this big!


Before and after

These first two pictures are of some flower seeds I planted a little late. Most of them were so tiny they kinda got dumped in one spot.

Here's our growing vegetable garden. The corn, pole beans, tomatoes, and zucchini have just taken off like I can't believe!

New fish

We got some new gold fish and two koi. Sadly, the orange and white koi didn't make it.



We got a LOT of cherries of our trees this year. This picking here in these pictures was about 40 lbs. We figured we got about 100 lbs of cherries total. There are still cherries on the tree, but we left them on too long. Next year we'll know to pick them all before the end of June.


I don't know what to post

Does anyone else have these days? I feel bad for not posting and letting everyone (mainly my Mom) know what's happening in my life. I try to think of what I could write about, but nothing seems important enough to put on the web. Then I feel like nothing happens that's important. Then I think about writing something like "nothing's happening, but here I am anyways." That might be alright, but then I've read so many blogs that post empty stuff like that and I wonder why they put such meaningless thoughts on their blogs. Then I wonder why we post anything at all because it's all meaningless. So I end up not writing anything because nothing's happening and it's a bunch of bull anyways.


Please don't get me wrong. I enjoy my life, and I enjoy reading blogs. I just felt like I needed to go off for a little bit, then I'll get back in the swing of things.
Stay tuned for pictures of our garden! Hee hee.