New skillet meal

Last night I threw things together in the skillet, and it ended up working pretty well.

We have a bunch of yams to use, so that was my starting point. I peeled and cubed 2 yams, and sliced some baby carrots. I pan-fried this in olive oil for about 7-10 minutes. Then I added 2 cubed chicken breasts, onion, celery and garlic. Once the chicken was cooked, I added maybe 2-4T apple cider vinegar and about 2T brown sugar, and salt & pepper. Then I mixed some cream cheese, maybe ½ cup, into some cold water, then hot water, then added it to the pan. The last thing is I coarsely cut up some spinach and tossed it in to wilt it.

We came up with a name of Root Goulash. We had it with some quinoa, but it didn’t really need anything else with it. It was very filling. I read recently that yams are one of the best vegetables nutrition-wise.

Usually when I try to throw things together it doesn't go so well. This time it worked, and I was pretty proud of myself.