Fleece jacket finished

I bought fleece for a jacket for myself almost a year ago. The last time I was at my Mom's we sewed together, and I started putting the jacket together. I assumed I needed the large size, but it ended up fitting big on John instead. Although I do wear it when I'm really cold; I can put it overy any of my sweaters. It's nice and toasty.

Here's a very handsome model of the jacket.


Remember to vote!

I've been reading through the voters' pamphlets. Lots of measures to read, and lots of people to choose from. I want to remind everyone to vote because it's important!

New movie shelves

This past weekend John installed some shelves for our DVDs and VHS tapes. They look so nice! And he took some neat pictures to show the process. Way to go, John!


Quilt progress

It took me two days to cut out all the triangles.

Late last night I started making the squares.

I figured out it takes about an hour to make one set of squares, one of each color. At that rate it will take 28+ hours just to make the squares. That doesn't include putting the strips together, etc. The plan is to push hard through this first part. It's going to be so fun to see it all come together.

Night pictures of Vegas

Here are some "bright with lights" pictures that turned out pretty decent. This first picture is of the Bellagio and its "lake" in front of it.

Here's "Paris." I don't know much about the history, and we didn't go inside or up, but it's pretty cool looking. :)

This is the fountain/pool/volcano at the Mirage. The volcano wasn't that impressive during its show, but all the waterfalls and the foliage were absolutely beautiful.

And finally, here's our hotel at night. Almost like Disneyland on the outside.

Our second nephew!

Yesterday, Wendell and Ann's second son was born, Isaac Arnold. As soon as I get pictures and their permission, I'll post them. He was 8.5 pounds and 21" long. He has a little bit of fluid on his lungs, but he got to go home yesterday and will see the doctor again today. Mom is doing great too.


Dave Chihuly exhibit

John's conference was at the Bellagio. They had a Dave Chihuly exhibit in the lobby.

The glass pieces were in a recessed part of the ceiling. I leaned back in the benches underneath the exhibit so I could look up and soak in the beauty. Very cool.


New York New York

Across the street from Excalibur is the New York New York Hotel. It has a city line of New York City, and a roller coaster travelling along the edge.

I convinced John to go on the roller coaster with me, and we both had a blast. It has two big drops, a loop, a sideways twist, and a corkscrew. Pretty fun.

It even has the Statue of Liberty.


Rainforest Cafe at MGM Grand

This is a cool cafe/gift shop at the MGM Grand (kitty corner to Excalibur). They have several of these fish columns, and the ceiling is covered in greenery and stuffed animals and birds to give the rainforest feel. It even thunders with light flashes.

Here you can see someone cleaning the "coral." The pictures turned out a little fuzzy.

They also had an animatronic crocodile in a field of mist that growled and opened its jaws. Pretty neat.


Cool pool

There was a nice pool at the hotel. This is the view from our window.

At the end of the pool was a very nice waterfall. John's standing on a bridge over it.

And I'm on the other side.


Las Vegas

We just came back from a trip to Las Vegas! John attended a conference for work, and I got to tag along for fun. It was both our first time there.

Over the next several days I'll share some pictures. Today's picture is of us standing in front of a sign for our hotel. It's on The Strip at the south end. John's conference was at the Bellagio, one mile walk away.


New flowers



Over the weekend we bought some pansies and planted them in the front walk. The petunias were too overgrown.


Another project finished

Here's another project I finished recently. I created and stitched the Hardanger design for my cousin and her new husband. It's really hard keeping all these secret projects hidden!

The quilt is done!

I finished my parents' quilt last week, and my Dad hung it on the wall. I'm so excited to have finished it. :)