Ten Things Tuesday
1. I'm having a hard time believing that it's almost July.

2. We have lots of cherries on our trees this year. We'll be picking them tonight through the end of the weekend.

3. We watched Man on a Ledge recently. It was pretty good. It seemed to go too fast. I think it really needed some more backstory on the bad guy. Ed Harris is great, but he didn't have enough time to develop his character. He got mad at one of his minions and threw something against the wall, but it just wasn't enough.

4. I'm still waiting to get a babysitter so we can see Avengers.

5. I need to check the company holiday schedule. I'm guessing that we have Monday the 2nd off, but I really don't know.

6. Everyone keeps complaining about the rain. I'm just glad I don't have to water! :)

7. I haven't had a coffee run in awhile. I used to go every Friday at morning break to the closest coffee shack, but work has been busy. Maybe I'll have time tomorrow.

8. I forgot to bring cross-stitch with me to work today so I could work on it at lunch. Boo. I started Eeyore's hair last night. It's getting fun now that I'm so close to the end, even though I still have at least 15-20 hours left to go.

9. Eureka dropped a big bombshell last night. Espionage and betrayal.  Fun stuff!

10. I've been going through pictures, and I realize I need to take more pictures of Sam throughout the week/month.



Okay, so here's a picture of the kind of strawberries I was talking about. I think they're pretty much picture perfect. :)


Ten Things Tuesday

First, a shout out to Dianna. Thanks for the email and the encouragement. :)

Second, a real Ten Things Tuesday:
1. I have started to reduce my "every day" sugar items. At work, I used to put two pumps of creamer into my coffee plus Splenda. Now I'm just using 1 pump of creamer, no Splenda. I also was putting a Splenda packet in my oatmeal that I make at work, but I cut that out too. I actually don't miss it in the oatmeal. I think the raisins help sweeten it. I'm still getting used to the coffee, but I'm determined to change my taste. Sam likes my coffee too much when he tastes it. That's not right. Kids are supposed to hate coffee. So I wanted to make it more hate-able. :)

2. We picked another big bowl of strawberries last night. This time we shared some with our neighbors. The plants in the upper raised bed produced absolutely picture perfect strawberries: plump, perfect strawberry red, and firm. They are a good size too. The plants are spaced out a little more up there, so I think I will thin out the main strawberry patch for next year. Okay, so I didn't get a picture of them last night, but I will the next time I pick them.

3. Wow, those were long. Makes for a long "Ten" list. Time for a short one... I can't wait to watch the recorded Eureka tonight! I'm going to miss the show after it ends this season.

4. I have three annoying bug bites on my legs, probably from working in the yard Saturday. Very, very itchy. Boo.

5. I pinned a cool quote on Pinterest last night that was so funny, I want to share here too. It goes something like "Pinterest makes me like people I've never met, and Facebook makes me hate [some] people I know in real life." Although I will say my opinion of people changes with what they pin too.

6. John needs a new watch. He has cracked the face of his, and it's probably no longer water resistant.

7. I'm also excited to watch our next Netflix movie: Man on a Ledge. I adore Sam Worthington.

8. We need a babysitter so we can go see Avengers.

9. Tonight is Mom's Night Out. Yay!

10. And finally, we're to ten. Like I said yesterday, sometimes I have to force # ten. :)


Back, again

Okay, so I know it's been awhile since I've written. I've recently learned that people (besides my Mom) read my blog and actually watch for updates. I think this is pretty neat. I used to write just thinking I was writing to my Mom (no offense, Mom). But with this news, I am encouraged to write more often. I wanted to write last week, but I didn't find a lot of time to write. I thought I might post today at lunch and maybe add a few pictures tonight or tomorrow night from home.

Since it's been awhile, I think I'll just give some random updates and thoughts. I'll put a story together for the pictures when I upload them.

Monday Moments (like Ten Things Tuesday, but with less pressure because I don't have to force number 10)
  • I'm eating minestrone soup at work. I bought an 8-pack of soups from Costco to take to work so lunch was less work to prepare. I thought the box was all lentil soup, but it's half lentil and half minestrone. I was a little disappointed with the minestrone until I found the packets drawer at work that has Romano cheese packets from Olive Garden. Just a little bit of cheese makes a world of difference.
  • We took a family trip to Montana and got back last Tuesday. It was a full day of driving each way. We went with my parents in their Odyssey, and it was quite comfortable. John and my Dad did most of the driving (thanks, guys!). Sam was great in the car. Maemae brought lots of little goodies for him to play with. He liked stitching on the plastic canvas and a light-up toy that spins lights around in a circle the best. I think he also really liked hearing Maemae read Shel Silverstein poems to him. I enjoyed the poems too.
  • I started a Winnie-the-Pooh cross-stitch on a shirt for Sam's birthday/Christmas last year but it was a bigger project than I had prepared for. I've picked it up again, and I'm having fun working on it at lunchtime. There are four boxes of WtP character heads. I'm on the fourth one now, Eeyore. I'll post a picture of my progress later. Thankfully the shirt is big enough that it will fit him at his birthday this year and probably for another year.
Okay, that will do for now. See you for tomorrow's installment. :)