Batman Begins review

We saw Batman Begins last week, and I just want everyone to know what a good movie it is! I highly recommend seeing it. It has a good plot, very good actors (I was surprised that I actually like Katie Holmes' character) and lots of good action and fighting. It is different from Batman Forever and Batman and Robin; it is less cartoon-y (more realistic), and the girl doesn't have the wishy-washy "do I like Batman or Bruce better?"

It was not just another Batman movie. Instead, it was the Batman movie that you want all the others to be like! I was very impressed and will definitely buy the DVD.

Taking a break from knitting

I decided to take a break from knitting for awhile to finish some other projects. It always feels good to finish something!


Here are the three scarves I mentioned. Posted by Picasa


Three scarves done!

I amazed myself this weekend by finishing two scarves which makes a total of three. The first one was a pink frilly froo-froo yarn. The other two were a mix of two yarns each; one was purple with red and pink highlights, and the other was black with white frillies. I will post pictures later today.