We did some painting in our bedroom and in the hallway. I was wearing a respirator, but for some reason I don't remember I wasn't wearing one in the top picture. The second picture was posed after we finished painting and realized we hadn't taken a picture yet.

New bathroom linoleum

John did a wonderful job putting in this linoleum!


New tile in entry way

We decided to redo the tile in the entry way before we had carpet installed. John's first tile project, and it looks gorgeous!

New addition to our living room

My parents' piano on loan to us. Fun!


Garden progress

We've eaten green beans and broccoli. The tomatoes are plenty but still green. The peas didn't make it, and the zucchini are struggling.


Macy in the middle

John and I (mostly John) have been doing a lot of work around the house. One project included painting the master closet, so we moved all the clothes into the studio. Macy took advantage of the squishy pile of soft clothes. This is a "Where's Macy" picture.