Lots of work to do

We've been in our house almost a week now. There's lots of work to be done! It's so exciting, so overwhelming, and so tiring all at the same time. We're getting everything moved this weekend, then we can start to settle in. I can't wait to organize and decorate my craft room. I'm also excited to pick out paint colors, although that is one of the most overwhelming things on the list.

We are so grateful to our family that has helped us move all our stuff. With my husband not being able to lift more than ten pounds after his back surgery, we really appreciate all the hours and sore muscles they have sacrificed. Thanks guys!


It's finally here!

Today's the day we get the keys to the house. Last week we were counting down the days, and Friday we started counting the hours. The deadline is 5 pm tonight, but if the owner's get done moving out their stuff, then it might be earlier.

The homeowner has agreed to do a walk-through with us to show us operating procedures, like for the sprinkler system and hot tub.

We get to spend a week cleaning and doing any kind of fixing, painting, or personalizing before we have our movers come help us. And by movers, I mean family. :)

We're so excited!