College student!

I registered for classes today! Yeah! I'm going to take a few basic business classes and a couple classes needed for general education requirements. It's so cool that I get to start as a senior because I got to register early according to the priority schedule. However, I found out when I talked to my advisor that I have more classes to take to graduate than I thought. It could take up to two years.

One of the things I'm struggling with is what to take for this one requirement. I have to take 24 credits from an inter-related set of courses. I thought I could put my economics credits towards it and basically be done plus qualify for a econ minor. But the minor needs me to take several classes at this college.

If I went off what I enjoy and not just getting done the fastest, I could go towards math, geology, computers something, physics or chemistry, or architecture. I'm still trying to figure this out. I could change my mind about what classes to take this fall. I just need to hurry up so I register early and get the classes I want.


Walked 3.07 miles

John walked with me almost an hour this morning. We weren't expecting to be gone that long, but I remembered wrong the location of the park of which we were heading. Oh well. It was a very nice morning to walk, and we got good exercise.


Starting the garden

We started the garden a few weeks ago. I have green onions, pole beans, basil, parsley, cilantro, and sunflowers planted. I still need to plant corn, white onions, spinach, more beans (purple ones), tomatoes and peppers. I also have some flower seeds to plant.

Cute birds!

Here are some birds that have visited us. They can empty the bird feeder in less than one weekend.