Got 'Em Both

After dinner, we sat in the family room and watched a little stand-up comedy on TV. John played with Sam on the floor. Sam ended up knocking John in his left eye, and John said "ow" and covered his eye with his hand. Sam looked at Papa, cocked his head, and put his finger in John's right eye in a careful, measured way. "There, I got 'em both," we think he said to himself. Too funny!


Just walking around

John caught a cute video of Sam just walking around. He's really taken off in a week since he started walking between furniture and around the room. Once he learns how to squat and stand up, he'll be walking everywhere!


He's Going, He's Going, He's.... Gone

Wow, Sam walked from the living room into the family room tonight and only touched the sofa table once, which was about 30 steps. It's so amazing to see him walk so far. I never thought seeing that would make me so proud. I love being a Mom!


I remember my Mom telling me that I turned into a wet noodle when I didn't want to be picked up, and I didn't really know what that would be like. Sam just inherited the talent to do the same, so now I know!


Mama The Entertainer

Sam is so fun right now. I get to be silly and find new ways to entertain him and make him laugh. I took some backing from a label printer that was in the recycling and attempted to jump rope with it. Sam got a kick out of it.

You can see I got tired near the end. Fun stuff!


More walking progress

Sam went from walking along the furniture to walking to Mama or Papa to walking along with a steady cart to this... walking and pushing a push toy. Alone, he can walk about seven steps at a time. So exciting!



John posted some cute videos and pictures of Sam. I won't duplicate them here. Go see them here.