New friend

We took a break at the mall to let Sam burn off some energy. Sam had fun running around and playing on the playthings. There was a girl, probably around 3 years old, that Sam had fun following. It was pretty cute.


Smelling the Roses

Sam likes to smell the flowers.


Camping Pictures

Whew! I found the camera. Here are a few pictures from the trial camping trip.

Sam and Andrew riding along together.
Our new tent. John put it up mostly by himself. It's really big! It fits two queen air mattresses plus about 5 feet inbetween them.

We had to sit in the shade a bit to cool down. It was hot!

"Watcha doin', Mama?"

BBQ time. We were all so relaxed and had such a good time!

View from the top of the hill.

"Let's keep going!"

Cute cuddles.

Camping with a Toddler (Trial)

We went camping at a family’s house that was from our parenting class. There were four families that gathered. We all slept in tents last night. Everyone had a great time.

Sam stayed up until 9:45. He had a blast playing in the molehills, jumping on the trampoline, and hiking in the woods. We got home today around 2, and he zonked out in the car (20 min drive) then slept until 4.

I'll post some pictures when I find the camera.


Signs of Learning

We counted the number of signs Sam could sign about two months ago, and it was 25. This week we counted again, and it was 64. (Mom, I told you 62, which is 62 from the baby sign book, then 2 others we thought of that we taught him from an ASL dictionary.) We were amazed at how much he has learned.

The last few signs he has learned: book, boat, flower, red.


Job Already Done For Me

John's been doing such a good job of blogging about what's been happening here that I haven't felt like contributing. So go check it out here, and I'll post a cute picture of Sam here and there.