Sam likes powertools, of course

John was working on taking a few boards off the deck tonight so that the pest guy can spray next to the house tomorrow. John showed Sam the screwdriver, and Sam loved it. He giggled at the noise and liked feeling the metal bit go slowly around. Being John's son, we knew Sam would love powertools and working with his hands. It was very fun to see!


Rolling around

Sam sure is rolling around a lot now. He doesn't stay on his blankets anymore for more than 20 seconds. He has started to crawl a little bit two. That's not to be confused with creeping which is on hands and knees.



Yeah! I graduated! Now I can be a full-time Mom who's studying for the CPA exam and looking for work.

Sam is very excited that I'm finally done with school.


Sam visited the beach for the first time! He really liked the waves.


We went to the beach and visited the aquarium. Sam had a great time!

He liked the stuffed turtle in the gift shop...

The sea lion was very entertaining and friendly. It came to the window and pressed its head up against it several times.

The sea otter was lively too. It swam around, and it looked like it waved to the crowd!


Two days left

Wednesday at 8 pm I will be done with finals of my last term in school. I'm so excited, I can't sleep. Actually, that's because I'm studying. I'm looking forward to a few weeks of sleep after I graduate!

Rhododendron park

A few weekends ago we took Sam to the rhododendron garden and got a few good pics. Here's his first time in grass.

This is one of my favorites. It was on my desktop for quite awhile.