Surprised by an A

So I finally got my first test back from my geography test. I was so nervous before I took it, and I didn't think I did that well. Frankly, I was expecting a C or D.

But, I got an A (90 out of 100)! I couldn't believe it! I might actually have a chance in this class to do well. Very exciting!


Business school application

I applied to the business major this week. I had to answer two questions on the application about my academic and career goals and how I would add value to the college of business. John gave me a big compliment on my writing, which really impressed me, so I thought I'd share what I wrote:

Growing up, I always knew that I would get my bachelor’s degree. My parents encouraged me to strive to achieve my dreams and goals. They taught me that any person could do anything if they just worked hard enough.

Since high school, I’ve spent some time going to college, experiencing life and gaining perspective on work. It has taught me to value goals and put a plan in place to achieve them. In the business school, I want to study accounting because it is applicable to and imperative in any and every business. My vision is to consult with small businesses in order to help them manage their accounting needs.

I’m not yet sure of my career focus. I’m hoping to discover this along the way by taking advantage of the different clubs and student organizations on campus. I’ve heard a little bit about some clubs (I removed the names), and I want to learn more. I would like to work towards an economics minor because I’m interested in the free enterprise market, and I think it is a great alliance with business and accounting.

Because I’ve had some time to reflect on life, careers and school, I feel prepared to invest more in my schooling and the relationships I am forming and will continue to form while I’m here. I’m ready to center my energy, skills, and time in order to cultivate my overall school experience and build up the lives of those around me.

I will add value to the college of business by actively participating in my classes. When working with groups, I will encourage other students to fulfill their potential. I enjoy working as a team to solve problems and get a sense of connection. My most recent job involved working as a team in the accounts payable department at a local store. I was brought in as a temporary worker to help fill in for vacations and help catch up in some areas. I learned various tasks, and, as needed, I rotated through the positions, such as data entry clerk, imaging clerk, accounts payable specialist, and a general clerical support position. The supervisor insisted that if I wasn’t going back to school, she would have liked to hire me.

I would like to dedicate some time to leadership roles here at the college. It’s really important to me to develop these skills to use in my life and my career. An example of my taking the lead was when I worked at the church coffee stand. I volunteered to help on a regular shift before and after Sunday services. I helped set up all the equipment and prepare the coffee pots and espresso machine, and I cleaned up in the afternoon. After a couple months, the team lead asked me to help with the daily accounting books and fill in as team lead as needed. It was exciting to be given more responsibility and to explore the different areas of the organization.

I would like to volunteer or work in different areas of the college, possibly in peer advising, in the career center, or in one of the computer labs. Helping other students transition into school and understand the resources available to them is important to me. Already this term some kind students and faculty have made me feel welcome and feel like I belong, and I’d like to continue to help others feel the same.

School update

So I've been in school for two weeks now. I like most of my classes. I have two that make me think, and two that are for my business degree that are kinda just keep up with the work and you'll be fine.

I really enjoy being on campus. I like going in the morning before my afternoon classes and finding a quiet corner in the library to read and study. I like being able to ride the bus and reading while on it, and getting some exercise from the walk to it.

John has been a great support. He took off from work some days last week to help me with the adjustment of starting school. He gave me a ride a couple of times this week too. He's been very sweet, like he usually is!