Here's the current garden progress. I have peas on the left, a tomato in the middle, and broccoli and a pepper on the right.

Close-up of the peas. Well, I guess the picture doesn't show them very well. But they have flowers growing.

Tomato, broccoli, and pepper.

This is the lavender I planted two years ago. I showed Sam how to pick the stems to smell them, and now he picks one, then picks another and another. At least there are a lot of them there to be picked.

These are the first roses of the season. I took out all the roses in the back except this one because they weren't doing very well, and I didn't care for the color and scent. I kept this one because it has a beautiful fragrance. It's a light pink when it opens up.



Our feeder has been really busy lately, and I've enjoyed watching the birds come. Also, Sam likes to see them and signs "bird" very often.


Chewing & Drinking

Not tobacco & alcohol, but regular every day cuteness at the table.


Quick post & update

An update on our fish: Fred is doing well, and we have at least two other fish that survived. See John's post for details.

More pictures of the zoo will have to wait because I need to get them from John's camera. So instead, this week I'll post pictures of Sam being Sam.

He really likes taking his baths. He always asks to get his stacking cups down from the frog that holds the toys on the shower wall. This picture was taken last week.

Tonight in his bath, he kept laying down on his back and just hanging out. He usually only lays down when I ask him to so I can rinse his hair. It was pretty cute watching him kick his legs and have fun.


A Tribute to Our Fish

I was leaving the house with Sam on Friday morning when he pointed into the pond. I didn't see any fish, but I noticed the fishing boy statue was knocked down. It's been knocked down a few times in the last couple of weeks, so I didn't really think anything of it. But then I turned around and saw a very strange sight. There was what looked to be a large trout in our flower bed. It turned out to be our oldest koi, Fred! He looked so flat and big that I didn't recognize him. He was still gulping, so I picked him up gently and set him into the pond. I called John out of the house. We didn't see any other fish in the pond. Evidently the heron struck again.

Sam and I left, and John told me later that Fred didn't look too well. He was floating on his side. John said he took a hold of him and drug him through the water to help circulate the water through him. Then Fred started to swim better. So far, so good. I don't know how long he was out of the water. It's really hard to tell if he'll make it. But we swore that if he did survive, we'd put the new pond in the back this summer. And John's going to put up some fishing wire across the pond to deter more birds. If Fred makes it, he really is a trooper. He must not taste very good either.

Anyway, this is a tribute to our x-fish. We had two smaller koi, Barney & Wilma, and seven goldfish. Sam really liked feeding them every afternoon.


Bears and Cubs

Sam & Papa measuring up to the bears.

Crawling into the den.

Sitting up like a little cub!


Bunny Cage

There was a farm section that had farm animals, of course. I don't remember that section from the last few times I was there, but it didn't look new. Anyway, Sam saw some bunnies.


Down the Trunk Tunnel

In the Great Northwest section, there is a trail with a switchback that has this hollowed out tree trunk going from the upper trail to the lower trail. Sam climbed down it by himself. Very adventuresome for my 17-month-old son!


Group Picture (Sort-of)

This was the only group shot we got, but it's not really all of us looking at the camera. We're at the front entrance still, getting set up with the stroller and such. Candace also came, but arrived after we were halfway through the Great Northwest section. I'm so glad she met up with us! Tim slept in!


Zoo Trip

We went to the zoo the day before Mother's Day. I'll post pictures this week. Stay tuned.

Here, Sam tried on his sunglasses again. The strap barely fits around his head now. He still doesn't keep them on for very long before he pulls them down.


Spacing Out

John and Sam took it easy watching Sesame Street. Sam is entranced by it. Yeah! Usually he might watch a little bit of the kid's DVD that I pick out from the library, but it doesn't hold his interest. But SS seemed to do the trick.


Special Hugs

Tonight after we got home from the parenting class for Wonderful Ones, I was about to hand off Sam to John to be put to bed. Sam hung on to me and gave me hug after hug after hug. I even got a few closed-mouth kisses. And then some more squeezy hugs. I treasure them! He seemed very happy and content. Lately he's been whiny and clingy, so it was a wonderful relief. Woo-hoo!


Dinner outside

We had our first dinner outside for the summer. It was great weather!