I know, I know. I need to get some Christmas pictures up here. I'll get some posted later this week.

Sam is finally mostly over his chest cold. The humidifier really helps to clear him up.

Over Christmas I started knitting a scarf for myself. I'll post pictures of the work in progress too.


Smiling from the window

Today, after we came home from Dinners Done Right, I set Sam inside and went back to the car to carry in the food boxes. Sam waited for me by the front window which is low enough for him to look through. I came up to the front door, he smiled at me through the blinds, and he looked towards the door to watch it open. I love watching him connect the dots about the world around him.


Fun with Sam

I had fun with Sam last night making him laugh. I stomped and jumped towards him. He is so fun right now!

Ignore the mess in the living room; we had to relocate some stuff because a pipe burst in the bedroom ceiling, and we're having work done to fix it.


Cuddles requested

After I got Sam dressed this morning, I stood him up on the changing table to pull up his pants and tuck in his shirt. He grabbed the collar of my fleece, pulled me towards him and laid his head on my shoulder to cuddle. So sweet!


Are these words?

Today Sam is making sounds like he's saying "Hey, Bubba." I'll try to get a video later today. It's so cute!


12 month doctor visit

Sam saw his pediatrician today. He weighed in at 23 pounds (54%-tile) and was 32 3/4" long (99+%). He's a tall, skinny dude.

We're going to start giving him cow's milk this weekend and other dairy products after that. We're going back and forth about wheat-free and gluten-free because of family history. I'm wheat-free as of Wednesday, but the pediatrician said that if I'm worried about celiac sprue, I should probably go all out and go gluten-free. I hated hearing that. At least Mom left some yummy GF flour here that I can use while I decide what to do. Thanks, Mom.


Got 'Em Both

After dinner, we sat in the family room and watched a little stand-up comedy on TV. John played with Sam on the floor. Sam ended up knocking John in his left eye, and John said "ow" and covered his eye with his hand. Sam looked at Papa, cocked his head, and put his finger in John's right eye in a careful, measured way. "There, I got 'em both," we think he said to himself. Too funny!


Just walking around

John caught a cute video of Sam just walking around. He's really taken off in a week since he started walking between furniture and around the room. Once he learns how to squat and stand up, he'll be walking everywhere!


He's Going, He's Going, He's.... Gone

Wow, Sam walked from the living room into the family room tonight and only touched the sofa table once, which was about 30 steps. It's so amazing to see him walk so far. I never thought seeing that would make me so proud. I love being a Mom!


I remember my Mom telling me that I turned into a wet noodle when I didn't want to be picked up, and I didn't really know what that would be like. Sam just inherited the talent to do the same, so now I know!


Mama The Entertainer

Sam is so fun right now. I get to be silly and find new ways to entertain him and make him laugh. I took some backing from a label printer that was in the recycling and attempted to jump rope with it. Sam got a kick out of it.

You can see I got tired near the end. Fun stuff!


More walking progress

Sam went from walking along the furniture to walking to Mama or Papa to walking along with a steady cart to this... walking and pushing a push toy. Alone, he can walk about seven steps at a time. So exciting!



John posted some cute videos and pictures of Sam. I won't duplicate them here. Go see them here.


Pumpkin patch


Sam took a half step the other day. He was so excited! I'm looking forward to him walking so my wrist can rest from carrying him.


Beep Giggles

I was surprised today with what made Sam laugh. He felt a little warm to me, so I used the thermometer to get his temperature. I turned it on; it goes beep. I said "beep" to Sam, and he giggled. I LOVE those spontaneous, unexpected, gleeful giggles. By the way, his temperature was fine.


Great-grandma's Fluffy

Sam's great-grandma made this dog/lamb for him before he was born. So sweet! Sam certainly is happy.

Before and After

Sam got a hair cut. It actually wasn't his first, but it was the most I've cut off so far, probably around an inch and a half. It took us two days to get used to it.

The hair cut is accomplished by the efforts of both John and myself. He keeps him preoccupied and I try to hold on to his hair and snip before he shakes his head.

Sam and the Spoon

We're still feeding Sam the soupy foods. It's a rare occasion that Sam gets a hold of the spoon, but he loves it!


Overalls galore

I loved this combo with the red shirt and overalls. I caught him smiling and waving and mid-blink. So cute!

Walking in his size 4 shoes. Wow!



Here's a few picture from our camping trip. Here we are cooling off in the lake.

My Dad checking out the sights.

Sam trying to cool off with a drink. *hiccup*

Sam playing with Grandpa.


New activities

We went to the state fair. The only pictures I got were in the shuttle to the fair. Doh!

Hanging out with Uncle Tim.

Playing with bubbles for the first time.



Sam does really well now sitting by himself. He even sits in the big tub by himself now, closely watched.


Sam likes powertools, of course

John was working on taking a few boards off the deck tonight so that the pest guy can spray next to the house tomorrow. John showed Sam the screwdriver, and Sam loved it. He giggled at the noise and liked feeling the metal bit go slowly around. Being John's son, we knew Sam would love powertools and working with his hands. It was very fun to see!


Rolling around

Sam sure is rolling around a lot now. He doesn't stay on his blankets anymore for more than 20 seconds. He has started to crawl a little bit two. That's not to be confused with creeping which is on hands and knees.



Yeah! I graduated! Now I can be a full-time Mom who's studying for the CPA exam and looking for work.

Sam is very excited that I'm finally done with school.


Sam visited the beach for the first time! He really liked the waves.


We went to the beach and visited the aquarium. Sam had a great time!

He liked the stuffed turtle in the gift shop...

The sea lion was very entertaining and friendly. It came to the window and pressed its head up against it several times.

The sea otter was lively too. It swam around, and it looked like it waved to the crowd!


Two days left

Wednesday at 8 pm I will be done with finals of my last term in school. I'm so excited, I can't sleep. Actually, that's because I'm studying. I'm looking forward to a few weeks of sleep after I graduate!

Rhododendron park

A few weekends ago we took Sam to the rhododendron garden and got a few good pics. Here's his first time in grass.

This is one of my favorites. It was on my desktop for quite awhile.



We took our baby to the park, and the geese took their babies. So cute!

There were bunches of goslings. Small ones and big ones.

I forgot the Bjorn so we carried him the whole way. He's 18 1/2 pounds of a heavy boy!

John had a good idea...


New things and events

Sam got to try his high chair last week. It was sure nice to have him at the table with us.

He tried out the kid rocking chair that I had growing up.

He tried rolling around on the ball.

And the main event... he tried solid foods. We think he likes it! Yeah!


New things

First time in high chair. See next post for link to funny video.

Maemae bought a "Grandpa Bob" hat for Sam. It fits him really well and helps block out the sun on our walks.

Sitting outside while Mama & Papa attempt to weed the yard.

First time on shoulders.

First time in high chair

Sam had a great time trying out his new high chair. It's such a cute video that Papa claimed it for his own blog. We laughed and laughed and laughed.


Time with Papa and Grandma B

These two were too cute to pass up.

This was Sam's day with the family on Easter. It was a very long day in which he only slept about an hour-and-a-half. He usually sleeps 6-8 hours during the day.

Just hanging out.

Hugs all around

Hugsy getting a hug from Sam...

Macy has been feeling left out lately. I picked her up the other night and hugged her for a little bit then let her climb on my shoulders, and this was the result. Cute, right?