Knitting link

One of my most favorite knitting blogs to read is Wendy Knits!. She posts very regularly and is a knitting whiz. She also has a pattern for a very cute kitty bed for felting. Not to mention that her cat looks a lot like Macy!


BCC - something everyone should know about

I would like to spread the word about BCC, the blind copy function in most email programs. When sending an email to a group of people, it's a good practice to send it to yourself and BCC the other recipients. This way each person that receives the email will only see the sender's email address. The recipients' addresses will be hidden from each other.

If an email is sent with everyone's addresses listed in the TO: field, the addresses are visible to all recipients. If just one person decides to use that information maliciously, then it can start a chain reaction of spam and unwanted emails. Even if the original sender is careful about whom he/she sends email addresses to, it only takes one person to make a headache for all the other recipients. To real technical savvy people it's considered common courtesy to BCC all group emails.

It's coming along

I have about fourteen inches completed on the baby afghan. It's really a joy to work on. The right side row is patterned, but the wrong side row is all purl, so I get to count on one row and just relax on the other. It's a repeat of ten rows, and I'm finally getting to memorize the sets.


My husband finally joined the blogging world

Woo-hoo! Please welcome my husband to blogging by visiting to his very own blog. He got really frustrated with it. He said he's going to poke fun at it now because it gave him a hard time. Hopefully if some of my readers pass along some nice comments to him then he will feel loved and welcomed!

New link to my Mom

I added another link to my Mom's expanding blog sites. It's fun to see her having a good time exploring this new thing. She too has elected to go the anonymous route.

I've thought about segmenting my posts into separate blogs. But I have a hard enough time keeping this one updated. For now it seems easiest to just have one place for all my thoughts and knitting pictures, which by the way I will post a picture of the baby afghan soon. It's coming along quite nicely.

To be anonymous or not to be

I've been thinking lately about anonymity in my blog. Should I post pictures with faces? Should I announce my location? Should I advertise when I will be on vacation and leaving our home vulnerable? Should I post last names? For all of these questions I have answered no for now. I feel like if I expose these identifying facts that someone out there will think about taking advantage of it.

But then I run into a wall with my posts. If I leave out some details, it's okay, but sometimes they make the story interesting and more fun. And pictures with people in them are always more fun.

In my wanderings around other blogs, I've noticed different levels of anonymity. Some show pictures, last names, and locations. Some create false names for their acquaintances and never show pictures with faces. Some knitting blogs show pictures of just the torso with the completed sweater or scarf. It seems like the blogs geared towards more traffic tend to be more anonymous.

I guess for now I will stay as anonymous as seems reasonable. Does anybody have more thoughts about this subject?


Aimee needs...

It's been a few days, huh. Well, I just found this cool thing to do and post on your blog. Google Your Name needs as in "Aimee needs" and post the top ten. Very fun!

10. Aimee needs a foster home.
9. Aimee needs more than one sandwich!
8. Aimee needs to get a brain.
7. Aimee needs more cheese.
6. Aimee needs a break from life.
5. Aimee needs no introduction to music lovers.
4. Aimee needs to move to Florida.
3. Aimee needs to run for dinner.
2. Aimee needs your help.
1. Aimee needs a visit from the Clue Fairy.


One of my favorite foods

Have I ever mentioned I love Kraft Mac & Cheese? Ever since I was a kid it has been a stand-by for me. I almost always have some in the cupboard for those times when I don't feel like cooking, which have been very often lately.

Does anyone else love Mac & Cheese like I do?


The Island review

We saw The Island a few weeks ago, and boy, was it fantastic! Good acting, good plot, great chase scenes, and good suspense. And I love it when a bad guy turns good at the end!

I give The Island an A, and it will be a must buy DVD.


Yet another project

Here's a scarf I'm knitting for my sister-in-law's birthday. She picked out the yarn last weekend. It's a dark purple fluffy yarn with a black chenille. It will be very warm, soft, and cozy. I might have to make one for myself!

I'm somewhere around one-third done. I started it at some friends' house while we were all sitting around chatting. Good times!


Finished Hardanger piece

Okay, so I can finally post a picture of a Hardanger project I've been working on for 4 months. It was a surprise gift for my husband's parents' 40th wedding anniversary. So obviously I couldn't post updates or pictures in case they might see them.

The stitching dimensions are 11" square. I sneaked color preference from Mom during ordinary conversations. When we presented it to them, she asked how I picked the colors, and I said "you picked them." She didn't remember the earlier conversation; it was quite cute!