Rock climbing

There's a rock wall at the school recreation center. I've gone a few times since the beginning of the term. It's really fun! Belaying is cool. I'll take some pictures here sometime soon and post them.



I love Heroes this season! John & I totally guessed that Adam was the English dude. Hiro had to go back in time to straighten him out, but then he gave him his god complex and made him vengeful.

Each episode keeps getting better and better.



Any ideas for a population or environment problem or solution that I could do a project on?

First an A, then a D & an F!

So I took these two online exams for my business computer class, one for Access, one for Excel. I was blown away at how hard they were! There wasn't enough time, and the program was really picky about how you completed the steps. I got a D in Access and an F in Excel!

I was so frustrated that I emailed the professor. I guess I wasn't the only one who complained because he turned the exams into assignments each worth 5% of our grade instead of 20% each. He also changed the third exam completely. It's now a combined Access/Excel data problem to be turned in.

I'm relieved that he changed things. Other than that, I really like this class.