Pumpkin patch


Sam took a half step the other day. He was so excited! I'm looking forward to him walking so my wrist can rest from carrying him.


Beep Giggles

I was surprised today with what made Sam laugh. He felt a little warm to me, so I used the thermometer to get his temperature. I turned it on; it goes beep. I said "beep" to Sam, and he giggled. I LOVE those spontaneous, unexpected, gleeful giggles. By the way, his temperature was fine.


Great-grandma's Fluffy

Sam's great-grandma made this dog/lamb for him before he was born. So sweet! Sam certainly is happy.

Before and After

Sam got a hair cut. It actually wasn't his first, but it was the most I've cut off so far, probably around an inch and a half. It took us two days to get used to it.

The hair cut is accomplished by the efforts of both John and myself. He keeps him preoccupied and I try to hold on to his hair and snip before he shakes his head.

Sam and the Spoon

We're still feeding Sam the soupy foods. It's a rare occasion that Sam gets a hold of the spoon, but he loves it!