Maemae's Card

Sam really likes the Valentine's Day card he received from Maemae and Grandpa Bob. He asks for it or gets it down himself at least once a day.


Blocks finished

I finished the set of purple blocks last night! I have 28 blocks of each color besides purple, and 29 purple blocks. Now I get to start making strips. I'm going to lay out the pattern today when Sam is sleeping. I'm so excited!


Playing in PJs

Sam likes to play with the train blocks from Christmas.


Ten Things Tuesday

1. I'll probably be the first one to post today. I am such a night owl!

2. I have 5 of the 6 colors finished for the quilt. My favorite color is remaining: purple.

3. Yeah, we get to go to the library today! (And get out of the house!)

4. I've been itching to get all the art and craft bins out and reorganize. But then Sam gets to bed, and all I want to do is veg and relax.

5. I really do like Mafia Wars. I've been playing it for over a year now, just about every day.

6. We'll have to see if Julia restrains herself from talking about Twilight in her TTT like she said she would. I actually want to see it now. I wasn't really interested before. I tend to stay away from the trendy really popular stuff. Kinda like my Dad and Titanic. I think he still hasn't seen it.

7. John is making raised beds for our vegetable garden out of old deck boards. I'm very excited to plant some veggies. He's doing such a great job. He's been working long through the night to get it done.

8. When I nurse Sam at the couch, I put the same red pillow behind my back. But at night I move it over so I can stretch out. The other day after I got Sam up in the morning, we both came out to the family room. I watched him go over to the couch, reach for the pillow, and put it on the correct side of the couch. I didn't ask him to do it, and I have never said "this is where the pillow goes." He must have just picked it up by watching me. And another time he reached the fabric pot holder that was sitting on the kitchen counter and walked over to the drawer where it goes, and he attempted to open the drawer. The drawer kinda sticks, so I helped him with it. I always make sure to praise him for putting things where they belong.

9. We cleaned out his toys a few days ago. Well, we mostly gathered his "baby" toys and put them away. Then I moved the bulky toys into the tall toy chest, and all the other toys fit inside boxes with the lids shut. It looks much neater in the living room now.

10. We had a non-family member babysitter for the first time this weekend. It was a success!


Here's proof that Sam likes his spinach!