Garden update

Our garden: the beans are taking off! I go out to pick beans every other day, and the amount lasts us both days. It seems like they're ramping up to produce even more, so I don't know what we'll do then.

The zucchini are still struggling. They keep putting on flowers, but the zucchini starts don't make it. I think some kind of animal is getting to them, or I'm not watering enough.

The tomatoes are starting to turn. I think we'll have cherry tomatoes first which are all from volunteers from last year. We just let them grow. They're even doing fine without cage support.

The corn is on its way too. I need to get out there and spray it for bugs. I noticed some little yellow beetle things on it the other day. We had a problem with grubby worms in the corn last year.



Some recent Craigslist finds. This mirror was from an estate sale, very reasonably priced.

Very cheap lot of blankets, hoodie towels, and washcloths.

The baby item lot also included these things, which I need help identifying. They are about 17" long and 8" wide and made of washcloth fabric as far as I can tell. Are they just big washcloths? Why are they shaped so long?

Found this stroller/carseat awhile ago. I'm getting used to how big it is. But I like its features, like how easy it is to fold down.