It's Finally Tuesday! - TTT

1. I'm finally writing on a Tuesday so it is a real Top Ten Tuesday list! :)

2. Today was my first month-end closing at work. It was a busy day. I'm still not doing everything that will be my responsibility yet, so I still don't have a good idea of what the workload is.

3. John made really good A&J Surprise tonight for dinner. It's like my parents' Saturday Night Delight, which is ground meat, veggies, and pasta, but we add a can of mushroom soup. I'm definitely taking it for lunch tomorrow!

4. We get the JC Penney pictures back tomorrow! I'm so excited! I'll be sending out pictures to our immediate family soon. We got a bigger than normal package this time. Sam was so darn cute in just about all of the pictures.

5. I'm going to take Sam shopping for John's birthday present tomorrow night. I have no idea what to look at.

6. The moon yesterday morning was amazing. It was big and bright, and there were small wispy clouds around it.

7. From Sam who is sitting in my lap: "my name starts with S A M."

8. I get to take a ride on the corporate jet next week to Idaho to see the milling and grain plant. I'm pretty excited.

9. Sam wants me to push the buttons fast. He's giggling. :)

10. I started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. As I was reading, I saw Daniel Craig as Armansky. Then I looked up the cast for the movie today and was shocked to see him cast as Blomkvist and the ER guy as Armansky. I like the book so far.


A Hum Drum Saturday

It's a lazy Saturday.

It's past time to take the tree down, and I still have thank-yous to write.

I think I miss my friends at PeaceHealth. I had lunch with Becky this week, and it was really great. I would like to have lunch with her every week or every other week.

I like my new job. The work is interesting, and I'm using accounting principles on a daily basis, which is really great. One part of my job is doing payables and financials for a small subsidiary. The other part of my job is updating spreadsheets with month-end data and tracking certain accounts. I also have a few things I do every morning to make sure things are running smoothly. I probably won't have a good feel for the whole job until I have a few more month-ends under my belt.

I have quite a few Starbucks gift cards from Christmas. But I've been really disappointed with their drinks lately. I was going to a different coffee shop at my last job, and they had a really yummy pumpkin latte. But the Starbucks pumpkin is pumpkin spice, and I really don't taste any pumpkin in it. The peppermint has been blah, and even the caramel mocha was... dull. I guess I should go back to plain lattes and adding my own sweetener and spices. Grrr. I tend to stay away from that because I can't go through the drive-through and do that. Oh well.

I have a weird raw spot on my hand at the base of my thumb. I woke up to it being sore, and I have no idea what it is from. I'm going to put some hydrocortisone cream on it and see if that helps.

Here's to being bored with certain life circumstances but trying to get up and enjoy them and try new things anyway. I know it will eventually be easy to enjoy them again.

P.S. Sorry this sounds kind of sad and boring. But at least I can tell my Mom that I wrote on my blog. :)



Top Ten Monday

If I wait until Tuesday to write this, it won't get done.

1. I'm enjoying a cup of dark chocolate cocoa given to me by my friend Becky. Yum!

2. Sam did really well at JC Penney today getting pictures taken. We're a month late for his birthday, but better late than never.

3. My second week of work will be another 4-day work week.

4. My number one movie to see right now would be the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

5. I might be getting a cello to play.

6. I enjoyed watching part of the Rose Parade in California today on TV. I liked all the marching bands, of course.

7. Yay for Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee! Thanks, Mom!

8. I want to clean out and organize my side of the office at home this month. And I get to clean out the past two years in the filing cabinet.

9. I am definitely getting our taxes done early this year.

10. I'm ready for some new easy dinner recipes. Tired of the old ones.