Day 1

So, today, I drank SOME water and had SOME exercise. I ate, not exactly healthy, but I had an apple for lunch and veggies for dinner (the good things). I spent time with family. For my craft, I did a family picture with Hawaiian dirt shirts on everyone.

AND, I ground coffee and got the coffee pot ready for tomorrow. Woo-hoo! :)



Oh, I'm tired. And I just want to write down all my thoughts and feelings and get all of my worries and anxieties out so I can be revived. But I know God can take all of it and I can rest in Him. Thank you, God.

Okay, now for a fresh start. I want to exercise every day. I want to keep a clean house. Actually, there are a lot of things I want to do every day:
Eat right.
Drink lots of water.
Hug my husband and son.
Clean the kitchen.
Keep laundry going; not let clean clothes sit in the free for more than a day.
Spend 15 minutes doing some kind of craft: cross-stitch, knit, sew, quilt, blog.

Okay, that's quite the list. I'll stop there for now.


Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Well, I took my last test last week. We celebrated by going out to dinner. We celebrated me being done with studying, John having a wife back and Sam having a Mama again. I had a nice couple of days with Sam over the holiday at the beach with his grandparents. It was great to reconnect with him. He cried when I went to work again Tuesday.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how to relax and take care of myself again. I am such a nightowl, but I would probably feel better if I got more sleep. Oh well, there is always room for improvement.


Sam faced his fear

Sam and I stopped by the car wash on Saturday. As we drove up to it, Sam started to wimper and freak out. I said "it's okay, Sam. We're going to give the car a bath." As the car got ready to go through, Sam really started to freak out. The last two times we've gone through, he has screamed the whole way through. Evidently, he remembered. I had tried before to reassure him it would be okay, but I didn't really know how to help him.

This time, I reached back my hand and said "hold my hand. I'm here for you. We'll go through it together." He snatched up my hand with both his hands and squeezed hard. It really surprised me how quick his response was, and it really touched my heart. He started to calm down, and I told him what was happening:

"The car is getting a shower. See, there's the soap, and here are some brushes. They are washing the windows and doors and tires. Now here is some water to rinse. And now for the really loud part. I don't like this part either. Can you help me blow the car dry?"

We came out on the other side with dry eyes and smiles and a clean car. I told him what a good job he did facing his fear. It was a precious experience for me to help with that. He is growing up!



I finally got my phone Blogger app to work. Now I can blog on the fly. You're welcome, Mom. :)