A doll and a clown

I can now post the picture of the doll and clown I finished for my cousin's daughters. Both dolls were printed fabric patterns that I partially put together a long time ago.

When I found the doll in my drawer, she still had her clothes patterns, so I just sewed them up. I couldn't find the rest of the clown clothes, so I bought the two fabrics and thought up the patterns myself. I ended up redoing almost every article of clothing at least once to make it work like I wanted it to. It was really fun even though I was frustrated a few times. What a good experience! Merry Christmas, cousins!


One project done

Well I finally sent off a package today that marks the finishing of a project that's been stuck in my brain since February. After Christmas, I'll show pictures of my little creations. I don't want to ruin the surprise for the receivers!


It's December already!

I can't believe it's the sixth of December already. I am just not ready for Christmas this year. I'm still working on cards, the annual ornaments are still in the design phase, and there are several people I have no idea what they'd like. Argh! It seemed like I was just waiting around for Christmas to roll around last year. But this year it seems like it should still be early November. Oh well, I guess they don't call it the Christmas rush for nothing!


Reminds me of my Dad's Christmas lights

For many years when I was growing up my Dad would put up Christmas lights outside. But they weren't ordinary Christmas lights. He set up the different strings to be controlled by a computer so he could make a dancing light show for the whole neighborhood.

He had always talked about putting the lights to music. I found this video on Google that is really fun, and it's a little reminder of what Dad's show was kinda like. If he ever would put the lights to music, knowing him it would be a beautiful orchestral arrangement or maybe something a cappella. Here's to you, Dad!