Thursday Update

I thought I would give an update on things since my Tuesday post was written hastily. I was able to catch up with all my work by about 4:30 on Tuesday. It felt so good to get the one project done for month-end. It's been hanging over my head for quite awhile.

I picked up Sam from Sarah's, and we picked up dinner on the way home. John's been working really hard on the roof. Quick dinners have been necessary lately. After dinner, I drove to see my Mom at the hospital for the second time in three days; it's about three hours, round trip. She seemed to be doing better, although she was still making some off-the-wall comments. She looked really tired; I'm sure she's not getting the amount of rest in the ICU that she's used to. She'll probably make a nice recovery once she gets back home.

The second drive home from the hospital wasn't as bad as the first. The first time I had to pull over and sleep for about 20 minutes. The second time I just opened the windows and sang loudly with the music to keep awake.

Yesterday was a nice day off. It was beautiful and not too hot. I'm always troubled though with the deterioration of my ambition throughout a day off, or any Saturday, for that matter. For example, I had a big to do list in the morning, like laundry, cleaning the kitchen floor, weeding, watering, getting Starbucks, etc. But by nap time (afternoon) I had only watered and weeded the backyard and gone to Home Depot for John. Even when Sam slept and gained extra rest for the long night of fireworks, I didn't want to do anything. I think I need to just get the music going, and maybe it will get better.

Well, I'm done with my soup. Time to cross-stitch. Signing off for now...

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