Top Ten Wednesday

1. My Mom is still recovering. They moved her to a skilled nursing home last Wednesday for rehab. However, she can't sit up right now because she's in too much pain, so they are working on managing her pain before she starts the rehab part. Feel free to contact me to get my Dad's cell phone number for updates from him, or let me know if you want her mailing address. He drives (about 3 hours one-way) to see her about every 3 days. Please pray for his emotional and physical well-being. I understand that because she's on so many meds for the pain that she's pretty out of it/loopy.

2. I haven't gone to see her since the 15th. I sent her a simple card yesterday, but I've been meaning to put together a package with magazines and drawings from Sam and pictures. I know she was relatively satisfied with the gluten free menu at the hospital, but I haven't talked with her since she moved to the rehab center, so I don't know if she's doing okay with their food selection.

3. I harvested the first green beans of the season last night. It doesn't look like we're going to be overwhelmed with beans this year. It's a weird year for vegetables, I think.

4. I was finally able to get to weeding the corner by the tall day lillies and thinning out the day lillies as well. It looks so much better. Wish I had a nice picture.

5. John's almost done with the roof. Yay!

6. I'm walking in a Relay for Life this Friday and Saturday. Visit our team page if you would like to donate. I have heard the event is pretty special and fun. I'm looking forward to it.

7. I've made three zucchini recipes in the last week: fritters, chocolate zucchini bread, and blueberry zucchini bread. Yum!

8. My boss is buying everyone afternoon Dutch Bros. coffee today. Yay! It's probably to support the DB Relay event that has $1 coffe drinks. Good deal!

9. I received my custom skirt that I bought from Andria Higgins last night. She was nice enough to drop it off to me. She's pretty awesome.

10. I'm getting tired of having soup for lunch at work. Any other ideas for easy lunches that can be brought in and stored in my desk drawer?

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