1. My Mom is finally doing better. She had another surgery on Saturday; it looks like she's finally on the mend. This was evident because she actually ate breakfast and dinner yesterday, a first in almost two weeks. Yay!

2. My in-laws came this weekend to help with the roof. We are so appreciative of their help. Sam loves having Grandma around.

3. I planted some more vegetables last night: red lettuce and 4 kinds of peppers. We haven't had too much luck with peppers the last few years. I've already taken out 4 plants that haven't worked this year. They were stunted, and they had stopped growing. These new plants look really healthy and are already 4-6 inches taller than the previous plants. Sam helped pick them out, and he used one of his trucks to help dig the holes and put the dirt back in the holes. I learned lots of patience last night. :)

4. John made some great progress on the roof yesterday. And it looks to be even cooler today, so hopefully he feels good about today's progress too.

5. I had a heart-to-heart last night with Sam about feelings. I hopefully validated his feelings. I told him feelings are hard to deal with sometimes and that I sometimes get really upset because my feelings feel so... big. By looking into his eyes, it looked like he understood. But then two minutes later he melted down again. But he also accepted by hug quicker and got over it more easily.

6. Grandma has been helping Sam learn how to use scissors. They cut out some Fourth of July table decorations. He's growing up!

7. We had zucchini from the garden last night for dinner. We picked about 10 5" zucchini. They were so sweet and yummy! The peas continue to produce, and the green beans finally have flowers. I also picked two medium size tomatoes to ripen in the window. I'm anxious for the cherry tomatoes.

8. I finally decided to take out the irises in the front. I don't really enjoy the flowers that much, and they are a lot of work. I'd rather spread out my day lillies that produce flowers all spring/summer/fall than have to work on picky irises that flower for a couple weeks.

9. The neighbor girls asked to play tag with us last night out in the front yard. We were already playing, and I guess it looked like we were having fun. Which we were! Tonight I will wear better shoes so we can have more fun. I was almost slipping out of my garden clogs.

10. I read a sweet book to Sam last night that was written by Billy Crystal. It made my cry. It was about the grandpa waiting for the granddaughter to be born. Very sweet and touching. Sam reached up his arm and gave me a squeeze to comfort me. And THAT was sweet and touching too. I was still recovering from the tears this morning, you know, swollen face and tired.

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