It's That Time Again

1. I look forward to writing the Ten Things Tuesday list.

2. Writing #1 is always the easiest.

3. I'm studying C-corp tax, S-corp tax & partnership tax. Exciting.

4. I'm also learning more about law: contract, agency, property, and insurance. I was actually able to shout out while watching Liar Liar (for the 20 minutes that I watched TV) that the marriage was a voidable contract because she was a minor; I had learned about it the night before. Fun!

5. My test is in less than 3 weeks.

6. I kinda want the result back from the first one, but if it's bad news I'd rather wait until I take this next one.

7. CEP, AEP. CEP, AEP. These are the video snippets I have running through my head. I can't forget to mention TT, BPO, 75 or 90 (from the first test).

8. Yes, this list is mostly about studying. But that is what my life is mostly about, right now. So there.

9. I got my first paycheck. Let's get a pizza! (Shout out to Wolgamott!)

10. Sam started stacking the duplos on top of each other. Yeah, Sam!

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creative side said...

I love Tuesdays. So many people write a list and it is such a neat glimpse into their life that week. I can hardly wait to look at them.